Our stock in trade is the renovation of stone built corps de fermes, maison de maîtres and barn conversions. We also modernise, extend and carry out minor improvements, such as adding a raised terrace or one window opening to bring light into a dark corner of the house. All works are carried out in conformity to current French building regulations and are fully covered by a 10 year insurance backed warranty.

This ugly block built 1980’s extention was demolished and replaced with a stone built two storey building with a stunning wrap around terrace. Perfect for evening drinks and entertaining.

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This rendered barn façade is now almost unrecognisable with the addition of new stone door and window openings and the removal of cement render to reveal the warmth of original stonework.

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A single storey extension was doubled in size with no collateral damage to the existing room.

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An outdated tongue and groove room is erased to make way for smooth lines, marble flooring and aluminium bi-folding doors.

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